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Update tasks and assignments

In, all tasks assigned to the resource for all the projects are displayed in users Personal Assignments. If you have several tasks or have completed the task as per schedule, then you can update the progress of all the tasks. Also, the entire project can be updated by posting the blog for number of hours consumed for that task.

There are two ways to update the task

1.    Personal Assignments

Scheduled Tasks of all projects are aggregated to create the personal Assignment log for the user. The log, which is always listed chronologically, can be viewed by filtering assignments, projects and business. Personal Assignments include Assignment, Type, Project, start date, due date, actual start date, % complete work, work complete, work remaining, assignee and assignor. You can update a task by selecting the particular task and updating the hours worked using the blog-it feature.

2.    TimeSheet

Timesheet displays an overview of work assigned and work captured. It displays the list of tasks assigned to the user in a tabular format. The user can view, add or modify the time duration in the timesheet. Timesheet displays weekly time prescribed for a certain task and their totals on a daily basis.

It gives a detailed report of tasks assigned to a user with its start and end time. 

The user can view the time implemented for different tasks, add time entries, and make modifications to the tasks wherever required. The calculations of time entries are tallied across rows and down columns. The tasks are summarized into different projects to which they belong. The subtotal of the different projects and the total of all the projects are displayed in the grid.

Timesheet allows time entry for one week. It allows to blog time entry for any day of the week by selecting the date in the calendar and by displaying daily total, weekly total and Assignment total. You can view assignments by filtering and the options include current, completed, uncompleted, work captured, prior six months and future six months.

Update Assignments

  • Go to the Personal Workspace
  • Navigate to Assignments
  • Select a particular task to update
  • Select the Blog-it option under Toolbox
  • Enter the number of hours worked against that task
  • Key in Subject and Message
  • Click Submit button to save 


Update tasks using Timesheet
Timesheet holds information about assigned tasks. Timesheet displays weekly assignments and is grouped according to projects. You can filter assigned tasks by the following:

  • Current
  • Completed
  • Uncompleted
  • Work captured
  • Prior Six months
  • Future Six months

You can update task hours through timesheet, to do the same you need to click on the task grid and add hours along with the blog-it message. Weekly assigned and total assigned hours are shown in the timesheet


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