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Baseline project workplan

Baseline is an initially planned imaginary line which helps to measure the progress of the project. In other words, baseline is an original project plan or reference point used to track progress of the project. Baseline includes start date, finish date, duration and work of project.

When you build and refine your project to the point where you are prepared to start, you have a good beginning point or baseline. enables you to create many baselines for the project at different stages so that you can compare your current progress against your initial baseline.

Steps to create and save baseline information

  • Go to the Project work plan
  • Click the Properties option


  • Select Baseline tab


  • Select the New option to create a new baseline and enter the required information


  • Click Submit to save

If there are multiple baselines, then the baseline which you want to use to track progress needs to be set as default.  

When you save a baseline, the four key pieces of information: work, duration, start date and finish date are saved for each task in the project. So, you can track a particular task and determine whether the task is functioning as per the plans in terms of work, cost and start or finish dates.

The baseline information is used to calculate variances against scheduled information. If the baseline continuously differs from actual data then the initial plan is not accurate. Most of the times baseline differs from the actual plan due to changes in the project scope.


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