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Resource Allocation Vs Utilization provides information about each resource and the projects they are allocated. A resource allocation summary is available in the resource workspace. You can view allocation details by individual, Project/Business and date range.


When the resource is assigned work for more than his/her defined work hours, then the resource is reflected as an Over Assigned Resource. Over assigned resources are highlighted in red. You can also view the team members who are over assigned from the project dashboard. By clicking on the resource allocation icon of any team member, you can view his/her utilization summary.


In the utilization calendar, you can view utilization details and resource assignments by month. If a team member is working over 100% on particular dates, then those dates are highlighted in red. Days when members are working 100% of the time are highlighted in black, while days when they are  working at 1-99% of the capacity are in gray and days when they are not working are in white. has the ability to do reservations by means of resource and project.

As a project manager, you may want to reserve a few critical resources for an ongoing or pipeline flagship project. In, you can make such reservations by resource and project. This feature enables you to optimize critical resource usage in a short term. It also helps you to track and monitor resource planning capacity.

Reservation by Resource

While reserving by resource, you can select the business, date and resource name. After you select a business, projects under the selected business are displayed, allowing you to directly assign reservation units by month.

Reservation by Project

You can view the reservation summary by resource. You have the ability to view resource reservation details according to business and date.

In this summary report, you will get information about the resources reserved for a number of projects and month wise reservation details up to the next eight months from the selected start month. You can also view  whether the resource is over reserved, under reserved or unreserved in the selected month.

Reserved Vs. Assigned report

Reserved vs. Assigned report helps project managers gather information about resource utilization by comparing reserved hours by resources. summarizes reservations by resources. In this summary report, you will get information about resource allocation by project, as well as the monthly reservation details for up to eight months from the selected start month. The report also tells you if a resource is over reserved, under reserved or unreserved for a selected month.


If assigned hours are more than reserved hours then it means over utilization of resource for that particular month and project; over utilization is marked in RED color. By clicking on utilization percentage value, you can view the detailed information about utilization of resource for that particular project and month.

  • Project name
  • Assignment name
  • Work assigned hours
  • Work pending hours
  • Status of the task (In progress / finished or Not in progress)  
  • Start date
  • End Date
  • Total hours assigned
  • Total hours reserved   



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A miunte saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!
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Really fisaanttc write up as usual. I'm finding that my company won't support a pay-as-you-go chargeback model at this time so I took a lot of interest in your Reservation/Allocation distinction.
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This looks like a great solution. And alutalcy your timing is pretty good. We have been been working with the K Group ( - a local 'green' contractor that does very nice work - to help design and build our kitchen. They are a custom outfit and as far as that level of workmanship goes, the price they gave is very competitive. But due to our ever-tightening budget constraints, we are currently pricing other more "standardized" options. We have not ruled anything out yet and would love to ultimately work with K Group but we'll have too see. I will contact Remodelista (which is new to me) and see what's up. Thanks so much for the tip and keep 'em coming!
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I agree that you need to weigh usability with (hopefully not ainagst) other factors, such as cost benefits. However, I would hope with the skills and expertise involved in the design of the new containers, they even addressed the human factors issues of actually using the containers and not just the other issues of storing, shipping, etc. If they did, and found these usability issues before completing the design, maybe they could have come up with a design and met the other requirements AND was actually usable by human beings just trying to pour a glass of milk without making a mess!
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