Resource Management

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Manage resources across organizations and projects

Managing resources focuses on three main areas which are resource allocation, resource availability planning and utilization of resources. To manage a resource efficiently, the resource manager needs to monitor resource workloads, know the pipeline projects and resolve over or under allocations (workload leveling) in a resource pool. The quality of resource management will be measured in terms of proper adjustment of resource capacity, the utilization of resources and the equal spread of workload across resources. offers advanced features for resource management like collaboration, inviting other users from different business into your business, adding resources to different projects under business workspace and viewing resource assignments across multiple projects. These features help you to analyze the resource workload across multiple projects, you can shift resources, add/remove resources as per the workload and requirement. consolidates multiple projects and provides a holistic view of all projects at a time.

Invite users to a project (Add/remove users) provides you an easy way to add resources to any business and project. You can simply invite members whom you want to add to a project. You can also invite multiple members at a time. 

You can invite members through business workspace as well as through projects workspace.

i) Invite members from Business workspace

You to invite members through the business workspace directory and then add resources to different projects which are listed under the selected business.

You can search for members according to the business and then select sub project/project to which you want to add a member. While inviting members you can define their role (team member, power user, space administrator) as well as send notification emails with comments.


Remove Members

You can remove members from the business directory. You can search for members by business/project name or by first name or last name and remove their access from the project. 

ii) Invite members from Project workspace

You can invite members through the project workspace. You can invite members from existing business directory as well as invite new members by their email addresses. 

If you want to invite members from an existing business directory, you need to select the business name and the list of members of that business will be visible. From this list, you can select members and add them to the New invitees list and also send an email notification.


View Time Worked by Resource

In, you can view worked hours of each resource. You will get information about worked hours summary according to projects as well as resources.

Through Time Submittal Report you can view the work completed by the resource. The resource needs to submit the time for assigned tasks.

Time Submittal Report 

The Time Submittal Report provides you the summary of the total time worked by the resource in a business. Utilization of a resource can be calculated using this report. You can also determine whether the resource is over utilized or under utilized. You can view the worked time details of a resource, by date range. It also provides information about daily/weekly hours worked on a project by all resources as well as by an individual resource on assigned assignments.

It helps to know the resource wise assigned assignments summary and worked hours for each assignment on a particular date or date range.

This report can be exported to Excel and CSV file format

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