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Organizing Projects in

Organizations typically manage multiple projects across geographically distributed offices and teams.  Projects within one business or organization are dependent on other projects. Resources are managed and tracked across projects for cost effective project completion.

Information within is distributed into several Workspaces that make it easy to organize, administer, share project information and status. Utilizing Workspaces, users have ready access to the data they need.

Project Portfolio Management: provides high-level portfolio views of the entire project portfolio. Projects may be grouped by business unit, division or department hierarchy. This provides a powerful cross-enterprise view of project statuses.

        5.1 enables you to:

  •   Group projects into various portfolios
  •   Search for all projects meeting certain conditions
  •   Manage portfolios of projects, prioritize and measure projects using scorecards
  •   Create business graphs of portfolio information such as status, budget variance and completion time line includes:

  •   Personal Workspace
  •   Project Workspace
  •   Business Workspace

Personal Workspace
Your Personal Workspace provides a customized view of projects, items assigned, personal work in progress, private documents and databases. It is only visible to you, and provides ready access to:

  • Projects that you're a member of
  • Action items that are assigned to you
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Your currently checked out documents


Project Workspace
Project Workspaces give participants ready access to all project information, including schedules, milestones, tasks, tracking databases, documents, metrics, discussions, deliverables, issues, action items, decisions and features. Each Project Workspace is secure, allowing access only to Workspace members. A hierarchy of programs, projects and subprojects can also be created.

The Project Workspace provides dashboard access to:

  • Project news
  • Recently modified documents
  • Project-specific discussions
  • Task lists and milestones
  • Project-specific document vault
  • Project-specific search capabilities
  • Project participants



Business Workspace
The Business Workspace is used to consolidate portfolios of related projects. It can be called the engagement level. For example, all projects in a particular geographical area could be collected into a specific Business Workspace. Business Workspaces can be organized into a hierarchy that models the actual structure of divisions, departments and groups within your enterprise. The Business Workspace allows participants to add business-wise discussion threads and to access a business-wise document vault. Business Workspaces provide ready access to business-related projects and provide an executive level view of the status of individual projects.


Plan agile and traditional projects


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