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New users report

Recently invited members or team members who have accepted an invitation to this workspace are included in New Users report.

Following are the steps to create New Users Report:

  • In the Menu bar, click Projects and select a project
  • In the Go to list, click Reports
  • From the Report list, click New Users Reports
  • Filter the data by selecting Date Invited and Date Responded parameters


In the Output type box, select format type for the output of the New Users Report

Select Show Report Parameters options


  • Click Submit to complete the process

New User Reports will be displayed

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Last update: 2011-06-29 13:47
Author: Naven Kumar
Revision: 1.6

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>Hi Kim. I do not have access to the stats' to dtleciry answer your question, but I do know that low-cost gyms are having success in attracting first-time gym users. They are definitely gym novices, but may not be new to exercise.In terms of low-cost members purchasing personal trainers, I was quite surprised by what some members were telling me during the interview part of my report. Some were using the ‘saving’ in the low monthly membership fee to ‘invest’ in personal training. They were re-distributing how they chose to spend the gym-related charges.unkin
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