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Set Currency for a Project

An organization may have it's reach across the globe. The mode of transactions with different clientele would differ from country to country. The organization has to manage more than one currency to cater to all these transactions. is attentive to the organizations needs and supports world wide currencies. It also has salient feature of setting a currency to a particular project as per project requirements.

Following are the steps to set or edit currency in

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Click Admin option
  • Move mouse over Manage to display the drop down list, click Configurations
  • Click to select desired configuration
  • Configuration Properties page is displayed
  • On the Navigation bar, click Tokens
  • Search Token by name Token Name prm.project.defaultcurrency.code
  • Click Filter
  • Edit Tokens section gets displayed at the bottom of the page
  • Click Submit Changes to complete the process
  • Enter Currency code in Default (en) text box
  • Click Submit Changes to complete the process

The set currency is now applied to all the projects in Certain projects currency needs may differ depending on country thus you can set different currencies for different projects. supports 170 currencies of the world.

 Following are the steps to set or edit currency for a particular Project

  • Go to the Projects Workspace and select the desired project
  • On the Toolbox, click Edit Project
  • In the Financial Section, select Default Currency from the available drop down list
  • Click Submit to save changes

The currency is now set for that particular project.


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