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System Settings

Application administrator can change default system setting options.

Following system setting options are available

1) Site scheme

Using Site Scheme option, you can define the protocol to be used while accessing the website. You can set following options http:// or https://

By using https:// option you would make your application more secure.



2) Site Host allows you to set your own host name and port which is used for constructing the URL of the web site which is the external name of the website and is used in sending email notifications.

Example values:,



3) Support Email  

You can create a generic email address for support activities. This id can be used for error reports and other notifications.

Example values: <?php
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>



4) Post Data Temp Dir

User can specify a temporary directory which will be used to write uploaded documents prior to insertion in a document vault. However, if this value is not specified, the system would use a default platform-specific directory.

Example values: <?php
:\temp, /tmp



5) JSP Root URL facilitates you to specify the prefix to be added by any URL. Please leave it blank when the application is deployed as a default web page application

Example values: <?php
/pnet, (empty)



6) XML Import Temp Directory  

In this option, you can specify a temporary directory to which uploaded Microsoft Project XML (XML) files are placed prior to import

Example values: <?php
:\temp, /home/pnet/accessdbtmp



7) Startup Page  

You can specify the start page name to navigate when no other page URL is specified

Example values: <?php


8) Default Layout Template

In, you can set a default template to be used as default when none is specified


9) Character and Email Character Encoding

You can specify character encoding format to be used when sending a response to a web browser as well as sending emails




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