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Permissions - documents, tasks, forms, wiki and blog-it

Through the security module, you can set security permissions for collaborative tools like documents, forms, wiki, blog and even tasks. You can also setup permissions for particular tasks and documents at object level. For wiki and blog you can set up permissions at module level.

While setting up permissions for a particular document or task you can perform following actions:

  • Add/remove people
  • Add/remove roles
  • Set permissions to View, Modify, Remove, Modify Permission, Lists deleted items and Permanently remove deleted items   

Steps to assign or change security permissions

  • Go to Business or Projects workspace
  • Go to documents or tasks module
  • Click Security link
  • You can add additional peoples and roles by clicking on peoples tab and roles tab respectively
  • Select permitted actions
  • Click Apply all changes to complete the transaction


For wiki & blog module you can set following permissions view, modify, create, delete, and modify.

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Last update: 2011-06-29 13:36
Author: Naven Kumar
Revision: 1.12

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