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Workspaces in provides four workspaces to organize information for any authenticated user. Each workspace includes related modules. 

1. Personal

Personal workspace is an individual user's workspace. In, each user has a personal workspace and it provides information about individual's activities like personal assignments, personal blog, profile, documents, forms and personal calendar. It also includes a list of businesses and projects of which user is a member. This personal workspace is not visible to other team members. Activities that are performed in the personal workspace are visible only to the specific user.


2. Business

Business workspace can be related to that of a vertical department under which there are many projects created. Each Business has its own business workspace which can be used by members who are added to this business. Senior management or management team who own this business can get a holistic view of the progress and all activities performed in this business.


3. Projects

Projects workspace is a team room where all project team members can share and manage project information like tasks, milestones, documents, forms, discussions, blogs, wiki, phases etc. In projects workspace, you will get all the information about project activities and progress. Projects workspace is accessible to the project members only.



4. Resources

Resources workspace includes information about reservations and allocations of the resources. You can view the details according to the project or business and even month-wise. Also, you can reserve a resource for a project through this workspace.


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$19 per month are far too much Harvest et al. offer many more features for that money. I liked the $5 sporupt, I would keep paying that, but for $228 annually I would buy a software to install on my computer or servers, or go to sourceforge for a open source solution. I also can't expense that kind of money for an individual solution, and if I would buy this for my team of 27 people, we're talking about ~$6,000 annually. I guess I will cancel my premium membership in September then.As for the professional looking reports , I hope there will be some improvements, Harvest does look great, but I don't like the UI.I am using a lot of office2.0 applications, and the prices sum up now to a multiple of owned software and as all are to some extent still beta, I don't even save the time of updates, bug fixing, or install problems. The latest glitches of Skype also make me wary of reliability, so collaboration and ubiquity seems to be the only advantage right now I wonder if that is worth >$200 p.p .My 2cents,Thorsten
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