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Create customized project portfolio view

Project.net allows creating and managing customized project view in projects workspace where in you can create a project list depending on selecting projects by name, display fields or by selecting the projects filters. It is also possible to keep this view as a default tree portfolio in the project list page and also display the project view in a sorted order.

Steps to create a customized project portfolio view

  • Click the Projects workspace. This will display a list of all projects of which you are a member
  • Click  (the customize your column setting option) to open Project Portfolio Column Settings page
  • Customize the list by selecting the fields to be displayed
  • Click Submit to complete the process
  • The recently set columns can be viewed
  • In the View Menu, click Save Current Settings option
  • Enter name in the View Name text box
  • Click Make This Shared View check box to share the customized view with one or more businesses
  • Click My Project Portfolio or My Personal Dashboard checkbox to make it a default view

The customized project portfolio view is created.


                     Personal Portfolio Column Settings Page



                          Save selected column Settings


Steps to delete a customized view

  • Go to Projects workspace
  • Select the desired view from the Your Portfolio Views drop down list
  • On the View Menu, click Delete Saved View
  • A pop up is displayed to Confirm Delete View
  • Click Yes to proceed

The selected view is deleted from the list.


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Last update: 2011-06-29 13:24
Author: Naven Kumar
Revision: 1.17

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