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Project portfolios

Project portfolio gives an overview of all the projects in which you are a member. The overview status is segregated in different components of the projects. The project portfolio view can be created, edited and shared. It can also be exported to PDF, excel and CSV

Portfolio Status

It displays projects and project completion bar diagram. It is displayed on a time interval of three months.

Portfolio Budget

It displays project budget in a pie diagram. It gives description of total budget, amount spent and amount remaining.

Project List

It displays list of projects with relevant details which describes a project status as a whole. It displays name of the project with owner of the business. It also shows start date, finish date, percentage of work completed and so on. The project list can be filtered by specifying certain categories to it when and where necessary.



                                                                        Project Portfolio Page


Personalize Project Portfolio Page

You can personalize the project portfolio page by selecting Personalize Page option from the toolbox. You can choose which channels to display. 



                                                     Personalize Project Portfolio




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