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Steps, transitions and publish workflow

A workflow is nothing but a model to represent real work for further assessment for describing a reliably repeatable sequence of operation. In, a workflow is a review or approval process of documents or forms. When a document or form is assigned to a workflow, the application places it in a routing "envelope" for the purpose of transporting it through different steps of the workflow.  Whenever a person is assigned a role for a step, the envelope is delivered to that participant's workflow inbox. then automatically sends an email notification to the participant.

A Workflow has steps specified in it. A step is assigned a task and single or multiple resources to work on it. Every Workflow has an initial and a final step. An initial step is only one but final steps can be multiple. Steps keep the document evolving towards completion.


Transitions are the actions assigned to the steps. Every step has a transition which moves from one step to other. Transitions functionality is to work between every two steps. Transitions are performed by the resources which are assigned roles in the workflow. No other resource can perform transition if not assigned a role.



When steps and transitions are set for a task in a workflow then that workflow has to be made available in that business or project. When declared to be Publish, the workflow is available to all the members who are assigned roles in that workflow.


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