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Project.net and Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) of Bedford, Massachusetts is a parent of Project.net company. ICS is the world's leading provider of advanced visual development tools and services for UNIX and Linux professionals.

Project.net is a complete Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution designed to capture, display, report and resolve the complex interrelationships that organizations tackle when planning and executing major initiatives.

The primary objective of development of Project.net is to resolve the major shortcoming of alternatives: weak adoption by teams, leading to minimal data entered into the system, resulting in a dearth of information for decision support at all levels.

Project.net delivers a rich, high-quality project management record by assuring that the team – not just management – benefits from their active collaboration through Project.net. It provides both project managers and project management offices (PMOs) with detailed, relevant information to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Also gives senior management the information necessary to analyze the effectiveness of current projects, learn from completed projects and make strategic decisions about pending and proposed initiatives.

Project.net is the only open source offering a fully-featured Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution: it's easy to deploy for a single, standalone project, yet scales rapidly to multiple projects. It can be configured as a self-hosted in-house solution or a Project.net web-hosted solution, further reducing implementation overhead.


About Project.net software and services

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