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Add Participant / Team Member to a project

Space administrator can add any number of participants to Project or Business through the Directory module. While adding a member the role can be defined for the member. There are three types of roles in

  • Team Member
  • Space Administrator
  • Power User

By default, a member will be given the role of a Team member. You can change the role of an invited member to Space administrator or to Power user.

Steps to add a team member to the project

  • Go to the Project's workspace and select a project
  • Select the Directory option to see the list of current project members
  • Click on Invite Member link to invite a member


There are three ways to invite members to a project

1. Import Members: allows you to import members list file in xml, csv, vcf formats.

Steps to import members: 

  • Select the Import Members option
  • Make sure you use the same format as that of the sample files provided below. 
  • Select the file type and select a file which you want to upload. 


  • Once the file is uploaded sucessfully, you can view the members names under the New Invitees section
  • Click the Add New Invitees option  

You can also send notification email to the all invited member by selecting send email to all invitees option.

CSV file Format:

      Please donwload Sample CSV file 

XML file Format:

      Please donwload Sample XML file

2. Invite Members from a business directory

You can invite members from the existing business directory by selecting business name. Members list of the selected business is shown and you can select a member(s) you want to invite.              


View Video Demo of How to invite new member from a business directory



3. Invite Member by e-mail address:

You can also invite member by e-mail address. To do the same you have to enter name and email address of the member you want to invite. 


All the names of the members who are invited will be shown in the New Invitees section. Click on the Add New Invitees option to add invited members to selected project. You can also send notification email by selecting Send E-mail to all invitees option.  

View Video Demo of How to invite new member by email address







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