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How project.net assigns work in percentage between resources?

Algorithm to calculate %assigned and work in Project.net scheduling is as below:

With one resource assigned to a task, %assigned is automatically calculated as

Percent assigned = (total task hours / working hours in task duration) * 100

For example, if task with 35hrs work and 5 days duration [fixed duration] is assigned to one resource

Percent assigned would be = (35/40)*100 = 87.5 % (if the 8 hrs working for each day, 5days = 40hrs)

Same algorithm and logic is applied in case more than one resource is assigned. If the resources assigned have different time zones or have different working hours in the task duration, then percent assigned could be different for each resource.

For example, if one of the resource has non-working day in task duration then % assigned would be less for such resource.
If the working hours per day are more for some resources than other assigned resources, then such resources would have more % assigned.


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