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Project calendar - working hours and days

The concept of the project calendar refers to a particular calendar in which the project is outlined. provides you advanced calendar features like the ability to set up working/non-working hours & days, individual’s days, different calendar templates and views.

Project members have the ability to modify the calendar and set working hours, working days and holidays for the particular project. Project calendar information will be shared with all project team members. By default assumes working hours from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and 1:00 to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday. Since the default working hours may differ according to project needs and by different time zones, the calendar can be customized as per the requirements. The calendar can be customized by week days, hours, holidays and so on.

Steps to change working/non-working days in a personal work calendar

  • Go to the Personal workplace 
  • Go to the project work plan Set up option
  • Select the Work Calendar option under the personal setup section
  • To modify a previously set work week select the Modify Work Week option

You can view work week and work time. You can set a day either as a non-woking time or working time. Also, you can set working hours.



                            Personal working calendar

Steps to change working / non- working days in project calendar

  • Go to the Projects work space
  • Go to the project Workplan
  • Select the Properties option
  • Select the Change Working Times tab
  • Select Calendar and click the Edit option to edit work days and hours



                                        Project working calendar


Resource Personal Work Time Calendar
- The is a default setting of the system
- You cannot define Global holidays however as a work around national holidays need to be defined in all the resource personal calendar

Resource Schedule Work Time Calendar
- User need to create this calendar
- This calendar is specific to a workplan
- You can define national holidays in this calendar
- however resource personal vacation cannot be defined

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